Limited Powertrain Inspection

Buying Higher Mileage Vehicles?

Limited Powertrain Inspection provides an inspection of your vehicle’s major components and includes a 7-Day guarantee. We can assess your vehicle before it leaves the lot.

Vehicle Eligibility and Ordering

Limited Powertrain Inspection inspects and guarantees* the major components of high-mileage vehicles sold under Green, Green and Yellow or Yellow lights for 7 days, and can save you from unexpected costly repairs and unnecessary transportation costs. LPI can be ordered up to 5 hours after vehicle purchase, either online or in-lane. Or protect every vehicle by signing up for Automatic LPI.

Guarantee Period 7-Day Guarantee
Mileage and Lights Green ≥ 125k
Yellow = No Mileage Restriction
Green-Yellow ≥ 125k
Vehicle Purchase Price Over $3,000
Inspection Items Structural, Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Differential, Hybrid/Electric Battery
Exclusions Seller-disclosed items for vehicles sold under Green-Yellow and Yellow light will not be inspected or guaranteed
Claim Mileage
150 miles

Reimbursement of vehicle purchase price will not exceed 102% of MMR at the time of purchase.


If an inspected item passes during the inspection, but then fails during the LPI guarantee period and costs $600 or more to repair or replace, the defect is eligible for claim resolution with Manheim.

National Pricing

Limited Powertrain Inspection follows a tiered pricing structure based on vehicle purchase price. This minimal fee helps you avoid expensive repair and transportation costs.

Vehicle Purchase Price Fee
$3,001-$9,999 $145
$10,000-$19,999 $165
$20,000-$29,999 $185
$30,000-$39,999 $215
$40,000-$49,999 $265
$50,000+ Add $50 per $10,000

*For more information about inspection guarantees, check out the Sale Policies section of Marketplace Policies.

Automatically Protect Every Purchase

For complete details and ultimate peace of mind, contact your Manheim sales rep to sign up for automatic coverage at all locations.

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