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Since 2005, Manheim Consulting has conducted research and performance studies for the company’s largest dealer and commercial clients, while providing a broader perspective on the industry at large for those who follow the automotive sector. Our team leverages our industry-leading data set to illuminate new remarketing trends, optimize location or sales channel utilization, benchmark client performance against peers, publish studies on leading practices, and bring macroeconomic trends into remarketing context.

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Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index

Wholesale Prices Jump With Spring Bounce

Wholesale used vehicle prices (on a mix-, mileage-, and seasonally adjusted basis) increased 5.87% month-over-month in March. This brought the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index to 179.2, a 26.2% increase from a year ago and a record high for the Index.

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179.2 ⇑26.2%

Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index
March 2021

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January 1995 = 100


Cox Automotive Market Insights and Outlook

The revamped Cox Automotive Newsroom now includes the Market Insights and Outlook section, which is replacing the Used Car Market Report and Outlook (UCMRO) . As a one-stop source for Cox Automotive news, the Newsroom includes press releases, news coverage, Twitter feed and press contacts, as well as a link to the Market Insights and Outlook.

In the Market Insights and Outlook, you will find five sections of regularly-updated data and information on a comprehensive list of industry drivers and topics that affect the new and used vehicle markets:

In the CAMIO menu you will see information that was previously included in the UCMRO, which is no longer being published in book format. The new CAMIO will contain a wider variety of dynamic information on new and used vehicles than there was in the UCMRO.

Cox Automotive Market Insights and Outlook Flipbook

The 2019 CAMIO Flipbook gives you an easy way to access key data and valuable insights into the automotive industry, and be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter, From the Newsroom.

Reducing Upstream/Online “Cherry-Picking” Through Accurate, Scientific Floor Pricing

Consignors often price upstream/online channels at a premium to protect against the downside of under-valuing vehicles. As a result, buyers “cherry-pick” the “better” vehicles (i.e. cars worth the premium) from upstream/online channels, and only the “worse” vehicles are left for physical auctions.  To address “cherry-picking”, we developed a statistically-driven, VIN-specific, wholesale valuation model – based on the Manheim Market Report (MMR) and vehicle odometer, damage, content, and exterior color. We used this model to set floor prices on a consignor’s upstream/online portfolio and tracked performance of both sales and no-sales that later sold at Manheim. Compared to the consignor’s own floors, scientific floors reduced “cherry-picking” and improved retention in all channels.

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