Condition Reporting

Increase Online Sales with Condition Reports

Are online sales not where you’d like them to be? Are car dealers finding your online listings, but not sticking around to learn more? If so, it’s time to improve your listings with condition reports.

Now more than ever, car dealers are heading online to buy vehicles. Vehicle listings with condition information sell up to three times more often than listings without.

Are your buyers getting the information they need to feel confident purchasing vehicles from you?


Complete condition information builds buyer confidence, which drives optimal sales prices and percentages.

  •     Build buyer confidence and increase sales rates
  •     Get buyers to look at your listings first
  •     Communicate reconditioning recommendations more effectively
  •     Cut down on arbitration

Report Options

Manheim offers several levels of condition reporting, so whatever your needs are, there’s a choice for you.

Reports Contains Good
Basic Listing
  Seller Disclosure
Condition Report*
Vehicle description Basic Basic  
Frame damage report Limited    
Prior paint information      
Tire Information      
Description of options   Limited  
Visual damage summary      
Mechanical damage summary     Extra charge (select locations only)

Learn more about the AUTOGRADE™ vehicle condition scale


*Third-party reports may vary.

Increase Your Online Sales Today

Deliver the best-quality online listings from your lot with a Manheim Express Concierge Condition Report or an Insight Condition Report completed by a certified partner.

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Condition Reports increased my sales by 10% .


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Vehicle listings with condition information are up to three-times more likely to sell.