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Phone: 813-247-1666

Phone: 800- 622-7292

Fax: 813-247-1714

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401 S 50th St
Tampa, FL 33619-3651

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Office Hours:
Mon-Tue 9am-5pm
Wed 8am- 5pm
Thu 8am-5:30pm
Fri 9am-1pm

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Phone 813-247-1666
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Title Status

Phone 813-247-1666
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If Bid Status

Phone 813-247-1666
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Run Numbers/
Condition Reports

Phone 813-247-1666
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Phone 813-247-1666
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Phone 813-247-1666
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Phone 813-247-1666
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Client Care

Phone 866-626-4346  

Brandon Ferrksen

Security Manager

Phone 239-470-7943

Dan Kuehl

Arbitration Manager

Phone 813-864-5850

Mobile 813-294-9828

Shawn Fleenor

Inspections and VE Manager

Phone 727-218-7293

Matt Jackson

Senior Accounts Manager

Phone 813-864-5869

Mobile 863-581-1353

Inspections and VE Manager

Phone 727-218-7293  

Sherry Vaughn

Vehicle Operations

Phone 813-581-1372


Phone 866-889-7222  

Sheri Slowey

Marketing Manager

Phone 813-864-1081

Mobile 813-230-4507

Shawn Springer

Assistant General Manager

Phone 813-864-5820

Mobile 863-397-7490

Todd Janego

General Manager

Phone 813-864-1072

Mobile 813-927-5940

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics Sales

Phone 855-947-1096


About Tampa Bay

Sale Days

Consignment Sale Thursdays at 9am

Ford Closed Sale Every other Wednesday at 9:30

TRA Sale Calendar
Located at 5109 Cone Road, Tampa, FL 33619

Ford Closed Sale Calendar

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Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon-Tue 9am-5pm
Wed 8am-5pm
Thu 8am-5:30pm
Fri 9am-1pm

Vehicle Pick Up

6am-10pm/7 days-a-week

Vehicle Drop Off

24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week

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Ford Credit Open Sale



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