Manheim St Pete Contacts

Manheim St Pete Contacts

Phone: 727-531-7717

Fax: 727-539-0912

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14950 Roosevelt Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33762-3501

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Office Hours:
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 9am-8pm
Fri 9am–1pm

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Phone 727-531-7717 Option 1  

Title Status

Phone 727-531-7717 Option 2  

If Bid Status

Phone 727-531-7717
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Stefanie Griner

Commercial Account Manager

Phone 407-383-6697

Elizabeth Hasch

Sr. Client Services Manager

Phone 260-413-3589

Jackie Cox

Arbitration Manager

Phone 863-984-1551

Fax 863-984-7653

Mobile 863-224-6202

Cherie Ptaszkiewicz


Phone 727-507-2347  

David Burdette

Operations Manager

Phone 813-426-3014

Stephanie Lopez

Office Manager

Phone 727-507-2337

Christina Flatt

Assistant General Manager

Phone 813-864-5820

Shawn Springer

Auction Manager

Phone 727-531-7717

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics Sales

Phone 855-947-1096


About Manheim St Pete

Sale Days

In-Op Sale Thursdays at 1:30pm

Consignment Sale Thursdays at 2pm

Complete Sales Schedule

Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 9am-8pm
Fri 9am–1pm

Gate Hours

Mon 7:30am-1am
Tue-Wed 7:30am-11pm
Thu 7:30am-12am
Fri 7:30am-10pm
Sat-Sun 8am-10pm

Auction Policies

Title Absent Policy Sellers have 30 calendar days to surrender titles sold through Manheim St Pete.

Vehicles submitted to arbitration under a PSI must have 200 miles or less accumulated on the odometer between the time the odometer reading is recorded at the auction and the claim date

Red Light Check

Penalidad de Arbitraje

Arbitration Fee Policy

Sale and Promotions

Complete Auto Detailing and Reconditioning Service Center 


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