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Manheim San Francisco Bay

Phone: 510-786-4500

Fax: 510-731-2363

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29900 Auction Way
Hayward, CA 94544

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Office Hours:
Wed 9am-2pm

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Gate Passes

Phone 510-786-4500
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Title Status

Phone 510-786-4500
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If Bid Status

Phone 510-786-4500
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Run Numbers/Condition Reports

Phone 510-786-4500
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Phone 510-786-4500
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All Other Items

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Doug Fradelis

Dealer Services Manager/#BidSquad 

Phone 510-731-2312

Debra Edwards 

Front Office Manager

Phone 510-731-2409

Lupe Santillan

Commercial Accounts Manager

Phone 510-731-2424

Sayed Alam

Assistant General Manager

Phone 510-786-4500

Oliver Vowell

Assistant General Manager

Phone 510-731-2362

Greg Beck

General Manager

Phone 510-786-4500

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics Sales

Phone 855-947-1096


About Manheim San Francisco Bay

Sale Days

Consignment Sale Wednesdays at 9:30am

TRA Wednesdays at 12:30pm

Highline Sale Every four weeks at 9:30am

Subaru of America Closed Sale Every fourth Wednesday

Complete Sales Schedule

Hours of Operation

Main Office and Registration

Wed 9am-2pm

Vehicle Drop-Off

6am-10pm, 7 days-a-week

Vehicle Pick-Up

Main Lot 6am-10pm, 7 days-a-week
Factory Lot Mon-Sat 6am-6pm

Preview Hours

Tue 12pm-5pm
Wed 7am-1pm

Auction Policies

Title Absent Policy Sellers have 45 calendar days to surrender titles sold through Manheim San Francisco Bay.

Pre-Registration Form

Units purchased must be transported within 7 days of purchase to avoid a storage fee of $25 per day afterward.

No overnight parking on the main lot. Manheim will tow vehicles at 10pm at the owner's expense.

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