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Manheim Portland

Phone: 503-286-3000  

Fax: 503-286-7073

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3000 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, OR 97217-8257

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Office Hours:
Mon 9am-5pm
Tue 7:30am-5pm
Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-12:30pm

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Lisa Simon

Senior Manager Finance/Controller

Phone 510-731-2367

Chris Brown

Operations Manager

Phone 503-737-3122

Fax 503-737-3187

Burke Chambers

Commercial Accounts, TRA,
and Arbitration Manager

Phone 503-793-3332

Fax 503-286-7073

Crystal Tray

Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Phone 503-737-3183

Clif Stone

Client Service Supervisor- Recon

Phone 503-737-3120

Kendal Kern-Peterson

Client Service Supervisor-
Dealer Service

Phone 503-737-3186

John Duplanty

General Manager

Phone 503-247-1234


Phone 503-737-3219

Commercial Accounts

Phone 503-737-3226


Dealer Registration

Phone 503-737-3211


Dealer Services

Phone 503-737-3221


Floor Plans

Phone 503-737-3215


Mechanic Shop

Phone 503-737-3224



Phone 503-737-3223


NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics Sales

Phone 855-947-1096


About Manheim Portland

Manheim Portland Auto Body And Detail, Inc.

Sale Days

TRA Sale Tuesdays 8:30am PT

Consignment Sales Tuesdays 9am PT

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Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon 9am-5pm
Tue 7:30am-5pm
Wed-Thu 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-12:30pm

Gate Hours

Mon-Tue 6am-9pm
Wed-Fri 6am-8pm
Sat 7am-8pm
Sun 9am-6pm

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Local Policies

Per NAAA policy (page 8, #3) the auction reserves the right to assess an arbitration fee to the Buyer for any invalid claim. As of May 1, 2019, Manheim Portland will start assessing a $200 fee.

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