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Manheim Palm Beach

Phone: 561 790-1200

Fax: 561-798-0774

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600 Sansbury's Way
West Palm Beach, FL 33411


Office Hours:
Mon-Thu 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-3pm

Other Hours of Operation

Sale Days

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Gate Passes

Phone 561-790-1200
Option 1

Title Status

Phone 561-790-1200
Option 2

If Bid Status

Phone 561-790-1200
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Run Numbers/ Condition Reports

Phone 561-790-1200
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Phone 561-790-1200
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Phone 561-790-1200
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Phone 561-790-1200
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Dealer Registration

Phone 561-790-1200  

After Hours Gate Passes

Client Care

Phone 866-626-4346


After Hours Security

Phone 561-204-6505  

Jasmin Walter

Security Manager

Phone 561-204-6550

Ariella Garrett

Arbitration Manager

Phone 954-453-8365

Richard Tomasik

Sr. Recon Manager

Phone 561-204-6500

James Yanavok

Operations Manager

Phone 954-325-1805

Camilo Quintana

Sr. Operations Manager

Phone 954-801-7098

Simon Uribe

Sr. Vehicle Check in Manager

Phone 954-296-9586

Felix Alvarez

Front Office Manager

Phone 954-205-4701

Chante Mitchell-Drummond

Marketing Manager

Phone 561-512-0349

Jil Herring

Client Services Supervisor - Commercial Accounts

Phone 561-762-7955

Frank Costantino

Commercial Accounts Manager

Phone 561-791-4955

Mario Vidal

Sr. Client Services Manager

Phone 561-512-7281

Javier Villabona

Sr. Client Services Manager - Dealer Services

Phone 954-868-4867

Glenna Bishop

Assistant General Manager

Phone 954-791-3250

Marjorie Kekic

Assistant General Manager

Phone 561-790-1200

Robert Zakaib

General Manager

Phone 561-790-1200

Ryan Mason

Sr. General Manager

Phone 954-791-3520

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721


About Manheim Palm Beach

Sale Days

Weekly Consignment Sale Thursdays, 1500+ units at 9am

Exotic Highline Sale Every four weeks on Wednesday at 9:30am

Manheim OVE Mondays Pre-sales are listed 8pm Friday, bidding ends at 2pm ET Monday on

Thursday Thunder Thursdays at  8:30am with jet skis, motorcycles, and boats

Complete Sales Schedule

2020 Highline Calendar

Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 7:30am-5pm
Fri 9am-3pm

Vehicle Pickup

Sale days 6am-12am
Other days 6am-10pm

Vehicle Drop Off

24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week

Sales and Promotions

Hundred Grander Oct 13

Local Policies

List of Approved Highline Makes

If a drop off is taking place after normal hours, security will contact the manager on-call to print missing gate passes.

Per NAAA policy (page 8, #3) the auction reserves the right to assess an arbitration fee to the Buyer for any invalid claim. As of July 1, 2019, Manheim Palm Beach will start assessing a $200 fee.

Gate Pass Policy

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NextGear Capital
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