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Manheim New Mexico

Phone: 505-242-9191 

Fax: 505-247-7415

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3411 Broadway Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87105-0405

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Office Hours:
Mon 9am-3pm
Tue 9am-4pm
Wed 7am-3pm
Thurs 9am-2pm
Fri 9am-12pm

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Maxine Vega

General Manager

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3803

Maxine Lucero

Office Manager

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3896

Mobile 505-850-5168

Marwan Jones

Operations Manager

Phone 505-462-3850

Mobile 505-301-8767

Andy Pando

Client Solutions Manager

Phone 505-206-1860

Corey See

Commercial Account Manager

Phone 505-462-3868

Melanie Romero

Commercial Account Coordinator

Phone 505-242-9191 Ext. 3826

Jennifer Mariscal

Commercial Account Coordinator

Phone 505-242-9191 Ext. 3877

Leandra Jacquez

Senior Client Solutions Executive

Phone 505-318-7469

Chris Silva

Recon Estimates, Insurance Provider and Consumer Services

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3875

Phone 505-462-3875

Michelle Rumley

Commercial Account Coordinator/Repo

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3865

Mechanic Shop

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3875


Vehicle Registration

Security Guard and Gate

Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3872


Jacob Torres    

#BidSquad, Floor Price
and Announcements

Angelica Perez

Floor Prices/ Announcements

Phone 505-242-9191
ext 3845

Titles and Payments

Phone 505-462-3856


Dealer Registration

Phone 505-462-3817


OVE - Simulcast - Dealer Services

Phone 505-462-3815


Commercial Accounts and Fleet Lease

Phone 505-462-3812


Credit and Collections

Phone 505-462-3814



Phone 505-462-3810



Phone 505-462-3851
ext 3878


Gate Passes

Phone 505-462-3834



Phone 505-462-3816



Phone 505-242-9191 ext. 3895  

After Hours Security

Phone 505-340-7493


NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics Sales

Phone 480-558-3200


About Manheim New Mexico

Sale Days

Fleet, Lease, Rentals, Repos Wednesdays at 9:30am

Total Resource Auction Wednesdays at 12pm

Early Bird Sale Last Wednesday of the month at 8:30am

Complete Sales Schedule

Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon 9am-3pm
Tue 9am-4pm
Wed 7am-3pm
Thurs 9am-2pm
Fri 9am-12pm

Gate Hours

Mon-Wed 8am-5pm
Thu 8am-3pm
Fri 8am-2pm

Preview Hours

Tue 9am-5pm
Wed 7am-5pm

Auction Policies

Title Absent Policy Sellers have 28 calendar days to surrender titles sold through Manheim New Mexico.

Redemptions are by appointment only, please contact the commercial team about those.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

State of New Mexico Dealer Continuing Education Requirements

Manheim National All Star 2019 Scratch Off Promotion Terms and Conditions

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