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Fax: 404-629-0760

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7205 Campbellton Rd SW
Atlanta, GA 30331-8144

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Office Hours:
Tue 9am-12pm

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Title Status

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If Bid Status

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Run Numbers/Condition Reports

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After Hours Gate Pass

Phone 888-626-4346  

Dealer Registration

Phone 404-669-5716

Dealer Services

Jake McKinley

Manager, Dealer Services

Phone 404-346-5323

Monica Word

Sr. Marketing Manager

Phone 615-289-1278

Brandy Duncan

Arbitration Manager

Phone 404-823-5778

Sara Wanner

Senior Arbitration Manager

Phone 717-719-3898

DeAnna Foldenauer

Sr. Manager, Customer Care

Phone 404-669-5701

Casey Ward

Sr. Client Services Manager: Front Office

Phone 404-669-5847

Bonnie Meherg

TRA Operations Manager

Phone 404-464-4575

Robert Quijano

Collections Supervisor

Phone 678-645-2498

Fax 404-762-1770

Mathew Southwell

Sr.Client Services Manager: Commercial

Phone 513-314-2739

Willie Muldrow II

Sr. Manager Vehicle Entry

Phone 678-296-4907

Brent Burgard

AGM:VE/Inspections, Retail and Recon Production

Phone 404-669-5828

Bil Lackland

AGM: Lot Operations, Facilities, TRA

Phone 404-669-5665

Eddie Rawlings

AGM: Dealer Services, Front Office, Marketing, Rome Auto Auction

Phone 404-346-5022

Jamie Gardenour

AGM: Commercial Sales

Phone 404-494-8070

Amy Taitano

General Manager

Phone 404-555-5128

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721

Ready Logistics

Phone 480-729-8796


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