Manheim Atlanta Contacts

Manheim Atlanta Contacts

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Phone: 800-856-6107

Fax: 404-669-5865

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4900 Buffington Rd.
College Park, GA 30349

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Office Hours:
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 8am-5pm
Fri 8:30am-1pm

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After Hours Gate Pass

Phone 866-626-4346


Tarreka Lovett

Senior Marketing Manager

Phone 404-669-5726

Stacy Schwartz

Office Manager

Phone 404-669-5818

Casey Rogers

Office Supervisor

Phone 404-669-5847

DeAnna Foldenauer

Dealer Services Manager

Phone 404-669-5701

Fax 404-669-5832

Mathew Southwell

Commercial Manager

Phone 404-669-5854

Tony Dozier

Senior Arbitration Manager

Phone 404-669-5702

Brandy Reed

Arbitration Supervisor

Phone 404-669-5892

Tara Neal

Collections Supervisor

Phone 404-669-5814

Fax 404-762-1770

Willy Muldrow II

Vehicle Entry Manager

Phone 404-669-5895

Fax 404-669-5702


Chris Hill

Assistant General Manager

Phone 404-669-5828

Brent Burgard

Assistant General Manager

Phone 404-669-5828

Bil Lackland

Assistant General Manager

Phone 404-669-5665

Eddie Rawlings

Assistant General Manager

Phone 404-346-5022

Jamie Gardenour

Assistant General Manager

Phone 404-494-8070

Noel Kitsch

General Manager, AVP

Phone 407-466-7390

NextGear Capital Sales

Phone 888-969-3721


About Manheim Atlanta

Sale Days

Consignment Sale Tuesdays at 12:30pm and Thursdays at 10am

TRA/Salvage Sale Thursdays at 12:30pm

Exotic Highline Sale Monthly on Wednesdays at 9:30am

Digital Exotic Highline Sale Monthly on Wednesdays at 1pm

Rome Auto Auction Sale Fridays at 2pm

New Dealer Orientation Schedule

Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu 8am-5pm
Fri 8:30am-1pm

Lot Preview

Mon-Wed 9am-6pm
Thurs 8am-6pm
Fri 8:30am-6pm

Vehicle Pick-Up

6am-10pm, 7 days-a-week

Vehicle Drop-Off

24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week

Sales and Promotions

Bridgecrest Tuesdays

Rome Auto Auction Fridays

Local Policies

Manheim Atlanta Customer Code of Conduct

Test Drive Policy

No Overnight Staging

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