Total Resource Auction Locations

Locations Sale Day Start Time
Albany Thu 1pmET
Arena Illinois Tue 1pmCT
Baltimore-Washington Tue 1pm ET
Birmingham Tue 9amET
California Wed 8amPT
Central California Thu 9a PT
Central Florida Wed 8:30am
Central Penn Mon 12pmET
Chicago Thu 8amCT
Cincinnati Thu 9anCT
Dallas Tue 9:30am CT
Dallas-Fort Worth Thu 1pmCT
Darlington Thu
(every other week)
Daytona Beach Wed 2:30pmET
Denver Wed 8amMT
Detroit Fri 9amET
El Paso Thu 12pmMT
Flint Tue 10amET
Fort Lauderdale Tue 12pmET
Fort Myers Wed
(every other week)
Fredericksburg Thu 12pmET
Georgia Thu 12:30pmET
Harrisonburg Wed 9amET
Houston Tue 8:15amCT
Indianapolis Wed 1:10pmCT
Jacksonville Thu 12:40pmET
Kansas City Wed 12pmCT
Lafayette Thu 10amCT
Milwaukee Wed 8amCT
Minneapolis Tue 1pmCT
Mississippi Thu 11amCT
Nashville Tue 9amCT
Nevada Thu 8amPT
New England Tue/Thu Tue 11amET
Thu 6:30pmET
New Jersey Wed 12pmET
New Mexico Wed 12pmMT
New Orleans Wed 9amET
New York Wed 9amET
North Carolina Mon 8:30amET
Northstar Minnesota Thu 9amCT
NY Metro Skyline Thu 6pmET
Ohio Tue 1pmET

(every other week)

Palm Beach Thu
(every other week)
Pennsylvania Fri 8:30amET
Pensacola Tue
(every other week)
Philadelphia Tue 1pmET
Phoenix Tue/Thu 9amMT
Pittsburgh Wed 12pmET
Portland Tue 8:30amPT
San Antonio Wed 12pmCT
San Diego Wed 9:30amPT
San Francisco Bay Wed 12pmPT
Seattle Wed 12pmPT
Southern California Tue 9:30amPT
St. Louis Mon 10amCT
Statesville Tue 8:30amET
Tampa Mon 9:30amET
Toronto Tue
(every other week)
Tucson Wed 8am local time
Tulsa Thu 10amCT
Utah Wed 9amMT

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