Purchase Protection (Inspections and Guarantees)

Protect Your Purchases

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, you don’t want any surprises. Purchase protection services help you avoid risk and offer different options to meet your needs. Whether you need a basic frame check or a full buy back guarantee, Manheim works with you to protect your investment.

Inspection Services

Manheim offers multiple inspection options, ranging from a basic Frame Check, to a Limited Powertrain Inspection, to a full Post-Sale Inspection. 

Post-Sale Inspection

PSIs offer 7- or 14-day inspection guarantees.* 

Limited Powertrain Inspection

Limited Powertrain Inspection guarantees* the major components of any high-mileage, green/yellow or yellow light vehicle for 7 days.

Frame Check

Frame Check inspects frame/unibody and costs $85. 

*For more information on inspection guarantees, check out the Sale Policies section of Marketplace Policies.

Vehicle Eligibility

  Frame Check Limited Powertrain Inspection Post-Sale Inspection
Mileage Any Any Under 125k
Sale Light Any Green ≥ 125k
Yellow = Any Mileage
Green-Yellow = Any Mileage

DealShield Guarantee

If the vehicle doesn’t meet your needs, return it — no questions asked.

  • Up to 21 days or 500 miles of coverage
  • 100% refund on purchase price, plus buy fee (up to $100K)
  • Returns permitted at any Manheim location

Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

You don’t need to be at the auction to kick the tires. We'll do it for you. Inspection services can be requested up to five hours after your purchase.

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