Manheim Consulting clients have improved their remarketing performance by challenging our analytical staff. Read the conclusions of just a few of these in-depth studies.

Auto Industry Brief

September 2015 Auto Industry Brief

New and used unit retail volumes continued to rise, and dealers achieved greater operating efficiencies despite recalls and regulatory actions pushing costs in the opposite direction. Wholesale used vehicle pricing showed a smaller-than-normal seasonal decline, and volumes continued to grow.

August 2015 Auto Industry Brief
The auto industry is outperforming the overall economy. Wholesale used vehicle pricing remains firm, and dealer retail activity is generating strong profits as a result of increased operating efficiencies.

July 2015 Auto Industry Brief
The fundamentals of labor market and credit conditions should remain favorable to auto retailing for some time. Wholesale automotive markets continued to enjoy growing volumes and stable pricing in the second quarter. Retail markets had higher volumes on narrower margins. F&I income and greater operating efficiencies kept profits at record highs.

June 2015
New and used vehicle retail markets continue to perform solidly. On the new vehicle side, volumes are up and pricing is strong, and the used vehicle market has also seen continued growth and profitable sales.

May 2015

Either the pace of economic activity will accelerate, or we will backslide into a quagmire. The consensus forecast – continued slow, subpar growth – seems the least likely scenario. So yes, when it comes to the over / under bet, I’m going to take both.

Case Studies


Vehicle Odor Impact on Auction Price
Many consignors struggle with the negative impact vehicle smoke or foul odor has on auction prices. Manheim Consulting quantified the auction price deterioration caused by odor noted on the condition report.

Consignors Increase Returns by Selling Ample Volume Alongside Peers
Manheim Consulting determined that consignors selling at least 20 units per sale at the same time as peers boosted returns and drew potential buyers into the lane.


Manheim Enhanced Vehicle Imaging - Toyota Financial Services
One critical element of online sales is a consistent set of vehicle images that allows the buyer to effectively compare inventory selection. The images need to be the highest quality to represent the Toyota brand.

Garff Auto Group's Dealer Trade Network

Garff wanted to ensure that the right vehicles were at the right dealerships so that more vehicles were sold at retail vs. sending aged inventory straight to the wholesale environment.

White Papers

Reducing Upstream / Online “Cherry-Picking” Through Accurate, Scientific Floor Pricing
We developed a statistically-driven, VIN-specific, wholesale valuation model to address buyers “cherry-picking” the “better” vehicles (i.e. cars worth the premium) from upstream/online channels

New Way of Measuring Retention Reveals True Cost of Holding Vehicles for Multiple Offers
This new approach reveals the true cost of no-selling vehicles and should help consignors make decisions that maximize returns and residual values.

Spring Wholesale “Bounce” Declining Over The Past Two Years
We found that spring season price “bounces” have become successfully smaller and fall season depreciation successfully larger over the past two years.

Electric Vehicle Remarketing Outlook
Understanding the trends and creating the appropriate wholesale strategy is more important than ever as electric vehicles sales increase.

Increase Auction Values up to 3% by Listing “No-Sales” on OVE
See how listing "no-sale" vehicles on can yield greater benefits than running them in-lane a second time.

Focusing Reconditioning Decisions on Vehicle Value and Pre-Recon Grade Yields Higher Returns
Which vehicles give you the best value for your reconditioning dollars?

Certification Impact on Auction Values
The case seems to indicate that one way to increase vehicle retention is to certify qualifying vehicles.

Condition Report Impact on Dealer Sales
Condition reports impact three areas of dealer sales: Simulcast reach, the ability to attract buyers, and arbitration rates.

Rental Detail ROI
Manheim Consulting determined the ROI on varying levels of detail service: no detail, wash and vac, and full detail.

Effects of Color on MMR Retention
This study examines if color impacts auction results, which is important to rental and other fleet consignors as these companies have a degree of control over their inventory.

Simulcast Bid Impact Study
Manheim Consulting examines the impacts of online bidding and the main drivers to attract online bids.

Starting Price and Floors Effect on Bids
This paper examined the most effective starting price for vehicles offered online in order to achieve the highest sales price and sales ratios.

Financial Implications of "No Sales" and Multiple Registrations
This white paper analyzes the reduction in transaction prices that results when a vehicle is a "no sale" and is registered in subsequent sales.




Tom-webb_smallTom Webb is a frequent speaker at automotive and economic conferences. His PowerPoint presentations enable the reader to understand the impact of macro trends on the vehicle markets. Please visit this website periodically to view Tom's latest presentations.

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