Manheim Consulting clients have improved their remarketing performance by challenging our analytical staff. Read the conclusions of just a few of these in-depth studies.

White Papers

Reducing Upstream / Online “Cherry-Picking” Through Accurate, Scientific Floor Pricing
We developed a statistically-driven, VIN-specific, wholesale valuation model to address buyers “cherry-picking” the “better” vehicles (i.e. cars worth the premium) from upstream/online channels

New Way of Measuring Retention Reveals True Cost of Holding Vehicles for Multiple Offers
This new approach reveals the true cost of no-selling vehicles and should help consignors make decisions that maximize returns and residual values.

Spring Wholesale “Bounce” Declining Over The Past Two Years
We found that spring season price “bounces” have become successfully smaller and fall season depreciation successfully larger over the past two years.

Electric Vehicle Remarketing Outlook
We look at the trends and examine selling strategies for electric vehicles in the future.

Impact of Delayed Titles at Auction
We examine the auction performance associated with not having a title present at the time of sale.

Increase Auction Values up to 3% by Listing “No-Sales” on OVE
See how listing "no-sale" vehicles on can yield greater benefits than running them in-lane a second time.

Focusing Reconditioning Decisions on Vehicle Value and Pre-Recon Grade Yields Higher Returns
Which vehicles give you the best value for your reconditioning dollars?

Certification Impact on Auction Values
The case seems to indicate that one way to increase vehicle retention is to certify qualifying vehicles.


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