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Manheim Pennsylvania

Phone: 717-665-3571

Phone: 800-822-2886

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1190 Lancaster Rd
Manheim, PA 17545-9746

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Office Hours:
Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thurs-Fri 8am-5pm

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Ready Logistics

Ready Logistics and Manheim work together to make full-service transportation quick and convenient. In-lane or online, our systems automate communication to a network of 6,500 qualified carriers and a dedicated Sales and Customer Care team. Call 480-558-3200 for more information.

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CentralDispatch connects more than 9,500 carriers and nearly 47,000 trucks on a single, centralized communications platform to create a simple and effective way to move vehicles on your own. Call 866-484-1728 for more information, or click the button below for a free 30-day trial.

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Local Partners

Partner Service Area Phone and Fax
AG Express Logistics LLC
Aman Gurdov
  Phone 703-651-2775
Fax 703-649-6438
AAA Anytime, Inc   Phone 800-729-2160
Adcock Northeast Auto Transport United States Phone 717-665-0313
Phone 215-856-7101 x111
Fax 717-665-1088
Angel's Auto Transport   Phone 304-204-3673
Ambela Inc Worldwide Auto Transport
European languages spoken
Entire U.S.
Export worldwide
Phone 267-205-1028
Phone 215-676-7076
Fax 215-437-1124
Fax 215-676-7086
Auto Dispatch
Georgia or Sherry
48 States Phone 800-380-0960
Fax 352-351-5673
Auto Express Transport, Inc.   Phone 724-443-5550
B & J Auto Transport
CT, MA Phone 860-623-4760
B.C. Todak
PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY Phone 570-621-8544
Bear Tooth
Ron or Gary
48 States;
prefer E to W transport
Phone 800-788-7173
Fax 406-652-7181
Benz Transport
MD, VA, FL, MA, CT, NJ, PA Phone 410-703-2005
Blue Ridge Logistics NY, NJ, VA Phone 571-220-2885
Carr Transport
PA, OH, VA, MD, MI, FL Phone 800-428-1154
Campion Transport Service
Randall Campion
PA, NJ, NY Phone 201-935-5787
Cell 201-697-7161
Cindy's Auto Transport
Cindy or Dave
Nationwide Phone 407-578-9722
Cell 407-497-6714
Fax 407-578-3014
Continental Transport
Dispatcher or Ron Edwards
48 states Phone 877-695-6789
Fax 303-655-0475
D & D Adjustments
Betsy or Mary Ann
NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, CT Phone 215-736-2970
D.F.C. Transport Inc. AZ, CA Phone 800-401-5874
Dave's Auto Transport   Phone 845-820-6502
Delta   Phone 866-244-3300
Dennis Horton
Dennis Horton
East Coast Phone 843-335-6332
Diversified Automotive
48 states Phone 800-666-9007
Cell 617-594-6087
Fax 617-242-4455
Dutton Transport
Southeast Phone 321-377-7225
East Coast Auto Transport
48 states Phone 800-849-2178
Fax 757-292-2024
Fax 757-265-2201
Emery Transport
Mark Emery
VA, MD, NJ, PA Phone 717-755-1389
Empire Auto Transport
John Marino
NJ, 5 boroughs of NY Phone 516-903-1631
Phone 888-798-1818
Fax 516-377-0055
Empire Logistics   Phone 516-903-1631
Esposito Auto Transport   Phone 732-233-5260
Express Auto Transport
Russian, Ukrainian,
Polish languages spoken
Phone 315-588-0143
Fax 315-461-1023
Fast Lane Towing & Transport
Heidi or Randy
East of Manheim, PA Phone 610-365-8200
Fax 610-866-6676
Fine Line
Cindy or Derek Evandro
Northeast, Southeast

Phone 717-625-0008

Fisher Shipping Company, LLC
Tina McCabe
Nationwide; assistance with
international transport

Phone 508-792-2427 x102
Cell 774-272-3457

Fax 508-792-2437
Fleet Car Carriers
Garth Ward
Nationwide Phone 800-624-3256
Fax 303-288-4699
Freightmar International/XPT Inc
Radek Swiderski
Worldwide Phone 905-678-0500
Fax 905-678-6196
G J Towing MA, CT, RI, NH, MI Phone 617-331-9678
Phone 617-212-4922
Geno's Auto Pulling, LLC   Phone 717-629-1480
Phone 717-629-2634
H Linka Enterprise   Phone 570-894-0815
Hilliard Auto Transport
OH, IL, IN, MI, KY, WV Phone 614-264-7610
Fax 614-767-4001
Herndon Auction Services NY, VA, NC, SC Phone 717-989-3185
J & B Auto Transport NJ Phone 908-963-0950
J & D Auto Express
Dennis Horton
East Coast Phone 843-335-6332
Fax 843-335-6181
JND Towing & Transporting, LLC DC, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL Phone 301-423-1260
Fax 202-658-6667
Kane Auto Transport
Eastcoast and Midwest Jim 267-767-2292
John Kane 267-249-6102
Office 215-343-8087
Fax 215-491-3599
McNutt Auto Transport
Call Sales department
48 States Phone 800-755-2324
Fax 417-644-2920
Miracle Auto Transport
PA, NY, NJ, East Coast Phone 516-527-0749
NV Trucking   Phone 717-471-8996
Oliver's Logistics, LLC   Phone 757-803-3360
Phone 757-803-3251
Online Auto Connection
Bill Ruczinski
Nationwide Phone 716-675-0424
Fax 716-675-0427
Pasha Distribution Services
Nationwide Phone 717-989-1845
Fax 417-532-9815
Prestige Auto Transport   Phone 917-627-6377
R & R Auto Transport Inc.
PA, NJ, DE, MD to FL Phone 888-536-8698
Fax 610-872-2700
River Bluff Transportation
Doug Fairchild
48 states Phone 866-290-3559
Fax 910-848-3301
Rotella Transport Corp   Phone 315-487-1022
Sanders & Hobbs Auto Transport CT, MA Phone 717-991-2130
Schreiber Transportation
Doug or Les
Western NY and
Northeastern U.S.
Fax 716-912-3539
Seven Hills Transport
East Coast 434-845-1244
Showroom Transport
Ty (press 6) or Victor (press 4)
Nationwide 800-903-4944
Fax 207-784-4646
Sterry Street Auto Transport
Jim Furhman or Jeff Larose
FL to MA 888-761-6778
T Berry Auto Transport   215-766-7889
T.J. McGeehan Sales
Kim or Al
Northeast Coast 570-443-8224
Fax 570-443-0878
United Road Auction Transport
48 states and Alaska 717-381-6331
Fax 816-524-6937
United Road Transport Nationwide 800-214-5622
Fax 360-693-7916
Michelle or Vilnis
PA, NJ 717-898-3460
Cell 717-575-8887
Fax 717-898-3461
Wagner's Trucking
Sharon or Carla
48 states 866-552-6155
Fax 405-670-8299
Wheels Auto Transport
Chad Higginbotham, Brian Kemp, or Jeff Holland
MD, PA, VA 301-570-0648
Cell 240-375-3771
Fax 301-760-7788


Motorcycle Transportation

Partner Service Area Phone and Fax
Big Red Transport   Phone 386-446-0011
Cell 386-237-4345
Fax 386-447-8200
Dependable Auto Shippers   Phone 800-826-1083
Eagle One Express   Phone 209-847-4129
Fax 209-847-4185
Haul Bikes
Tom Aylott
Nationwide Phone 414-464-7576
Cell 619-820-8000
Fax 414-464-7572
Kane Auto Transport
East Coast and Midwest Phone 267-767-2292
PMI Motorcycle Shipping
Moika Labrie
  Phone 866-985-8700
Fax 514-352-8702


About Manheim Pennsylvania

For online questions please contact Dealer Services

Sale Days

Consignment Sale Fridays at 9am

Exotic Sale Every other Thursday at 11am

2019 Sale Schedule

Complete Sales Schedule

Hours of Operation

Main Office

Mon-Wed 9am-5pm
Thu-Fri 8am-5pm

Lot Pick-Up

Mon-Thu 6am-10pm
Fri 6am-12am
Sat-Sun 6am-10pm

Lot Drop-Off

7 days-a-week 7am-10pm

Please call for shuttle times.

Satellite Facilities

Morgantown Lot
Gate Hours 7am-7pm/7 days-a-week
Address 75 Grace Blvd, Morgantown, PA 19543
Phone 717-719-0651

Sales and Promotions

Xtreme Spring Event Mar 28 and 29

Digital Quad starting Jan 17

Frontline Services Brochure

Second Chance Sales

Local Policies

Per NAAA policy (page 8, #3) the auction reserves the right to assess an arbitration fee to the Buyer for any invalid claim.  As of Jun 1, 2018, Manheim Pennsylvania may impose a $200 fee for any claim deemed invalid.

Vehicle Tow Policy Effective Feb 1

Gate Pass Instructions


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