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Manheim Lafayette

Phone: 337-237-5620

Fax: 337-237-0762

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1611 St. Mary Street
Scott, LA 70583

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Mon-Thu 8am-5pm
Fri 8am-12pm

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Ready Logistics

Ready Logistics and Manheim work together to make full-service transportation quick and convenient. In-lane or online, our systems automate communication to a network of 6,500 qualified carriers and a dedicated Sales and Customer Care team. Call 480-558-3200 for more information.

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CentralDispatch connects more than 9,500 carriers and nearly 47,000 trucks on a single, centralized communications platform to create a simple and effective way to move vehicles on your own. Call 866-484-1728 for more information, or click the button below for a free 30-day trial.

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Please contact the auction for additional transportation information.


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Sale Days

Dealer Consignment Every Thursday at 10am

Courtesy Automotive Group Every other Thursday at 10am

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Hours of Operation

Office Hours

Mon-Thu 8am-5pm
Fri 8am-12pm

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Mon-Thu 8am-5pm
Fri 8am-1pm

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