Helpful Shipping Delay Tips

Shipping delays have been an ongoing nationwide issue since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and unfortunately we expect the upcoming holidays to make the issue worse. This document provides guidance for you on why this is happening and some tips to help you manage through these issues.


What carriers are experiencing delays?

All major carriers are experiencing delays, including Manheim’s carrier partners: FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

What types of shipments are impacted by the delays?

All types of inbound and outbound packages are impacted by these delays. Specifically for Manheim clients, most of these shipments are payments and titles.

How will the upcoming holidays impact shipping timeframes?

While the delays in shipping timeframes are not new, we expect the upcoming holidays to unfortunately exacerbate the situation. USPS has even notified its shipping partners that holiday delays could be seen through February 2022.

What is Manheim doing about these delays?

Manheim is having ongoing conversations with our shipping partners around what we can do to help and support them. For example, USPS requested that we separate out our First Class and Priority packages to eliminate additional sorting at the processing center. We will continue to explore opportunities to help make the shipping process easier for our partners and thus provide a faster delivery to our clients

What can I do about the delays?

Whether you are sending packages to Manheim or receiving packages from Manheim, there are a few things you can do to improve visibility into status updates, mitigate the delays, or even avoid delays altogether.

Send and receive payments online:

  • There are many conveniences and benefits of making payments online. The elimination of delayed payments by mail is just a bonus.
  • Learn more about online payments

Track the status of titles shipped and paid for by Manheim:

  • Titles shipped and paid for by Manheim are trackable and have a two-business day estimated delivery timeframe.
  • View tracking numbers in the Post-Sale Management page of your account. Clicking the tracking number will redirect you to the carrier site where you can see real-time status updates for the shipment.

Update your title shipping preference by adding your FedEx account:

  Receive title shipments via FedEx overnight service by adding your FedEx account number in the PPN page of These shipments will be charged to your FedEx account.

Add tracking to any outbound package or shipment to Manheim:

  • Tracking information provides better visibility, peace of mind, and enhanced security to your shipments.
  • Sending packages or mail to Manheim via USPS letter mail is not advised as tracking is not available for this type of service.

Sign up for carrier alerts via email or text: