Try the New MMR

The Manheim Market Report is being improved with a new, data-rich interface that enables more accurate wholesale vehicle valuation.

mmr teaser


  • Improved accuracy with condition grade and color adjustments
  • Prominent MMR and Adjusted MMR values for quick comparison
  • Breakdown of how adjustments impact MMR
  • Data visualization for immediate insights
  • Optimized for every device
  • See MMR and transaction data in one view


Feature Original MMR New MMR
Complimentary access for all Manheim clients X X
Values based on recent, comprehensive transactions X X
Clear comparison of MMR and Adjusted MMR values   X
Breakdown of how individual adjustments impact vehicle pricing   X
One view of MMR and transaction data   X

Test Drive the New MMR

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There is no doubt [the new MMR] is an improvement. It is far more detailed, and provides a much clearer picture of what a vehicle is worth. This is great!

thats my manheim